Meet Mimicry

[.c-highlighted]Decentralized[.c-highlight-yellow][.c-highlight-yellow][.c-highlighted] prediction market for [.c-text-800]NFTs[.c-text-800] đŸ”„

Our unique global collateral pool allows you to trade on the future price of your favorite [.c-highlighted]NFT[.c-circle-yellow][.c-circle-yellow][.c-highlighted] collections with virtually unlimited liquidity and NO slippage.


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Liquid [.c-box-inline]NFTm[.c-box-inline] Trading!

NFTs are [.c-text-disabled]illiquid[.c-text-disabled] by design. So, without a protocol like Mimicry, NFT speculators are at [.c-however]risk[.c-however] of being stuck with a portfolio of worthless JPGs. After all, there is no such thing as a  [.c-however]market-sell[.c-however] order for NFTs.

[.c-row-flex-luke][.c-text-column-luke]Put this in context
 Imagine what might happen to the price of your NFT collection during market crashes—you may not even be able to unload them for pennies on the dollar![.c-text-column-luke][.c-column-luke][.c-column-luke][.c-row-flex-luke]

[.c-text-center][.c-text-caveat]Mimicry's mission is to protect everyday investors from getting [.c-highlighted]REKT[.c-circle-red][.c-circle-red][.c-highlighted], so we're creating the safest way to go long or short on NFT collections.[.c-text-caveat][.c-text-center]

[.c-row-flex][.c-box-pink]Mimics are ERC-721 tokens 😍 that follow the market cap of an NFT collection.[.c-box-pink][.c-text-column]Each collection's market cap is determined using [.c-text-bg-pink]on-chain price oracles[.c-text-bg-pink]. Traders compete against each other using a global collateral pool—there is [.c-text-disabled]no order book[.c-text-disabled] and [.c-text-disabled]no counterparty risk[.c-text-disabled]. This means absolutely no slippage.[.c-text-column][.c-row-flex]

Use Cases for [.c-baloo-border]Mimics[.c-baloo-border] 🧐

[.c-mb-32][.c-however]Scenario 1: Access[.c-however][.c-mb-32]

[.c-mb-24]Imagine that you love an NFT collection like Bored Ape Yacht Club and you want to bet on its success. But you can't possibly afford to buy one. Now you can bet as little as you like without any restrictions whatsoever (unlike before, where upside participation is out of reach).[.c-mb-24]

[.c-mb-32][.c-however]Scenario 2: Liquidation[.c-however][.c-mb-32]

[.c-mb-24]Imagine that you have a portfolio of Mimics that represent a bunch of NFT collections. You sense trouble in the market and want to liquidate everything. No problem—it just takes a moment (unlike before, where there is no market-sell order for NFTs).[.c-mb-24]

[.c-mb-32][.c-however]Scenario 3: Shorts[.c-however][.c-mb-32]

[.c-mb-24]Imagine that you think an NFT collection is bound to crash. Now you can short the market and bet on the pricing falling, (unlike before, where all you can really do is stay out of the market).[.c-mb-24]

[.c-mb-32][.c-however]Scenario 4: Bots[.c-however][.c-mb-32]

[.c-mb-24]Imagine that you're a trader who likes sleep and you want to play the NFT market with a 24/7/365 bot. No problem—we'll have NPM and PyPI packages soon (unlike before, where there really was no way to programmatically trade NFT markets).[.c-mb-24]

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We are on a mission to protect everyday investors from getting REKT, so we're creating the safest way to go long or short on NFT collections.

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